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The AHRC Heritage Priority Area Fellowship Team and others

People: Research

Who We Are

People: Lab Members

Rodney Harrison

AHRC Heritage Priority Area Fellow

Rodney Harrison is Professor of Heritage Studies at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, PI on the Heritage Futures research programme & Director of the UCL Heritage Futures Lab.


Colin Sterling

Post-Doctorate Research Associate

Colin Sterling will be joining the team in the Autumn as a postdoctoral researcher. His work will focus on the implications of posthumanist thinking for the heritage field. Colin completed his PhD at the Institute of Archaeology in 2015, looking at the interrelationship of heritage and photography. He has worked across the heritage sector since 2009, with a particular focus on curatorial planning, research and interpretation.


Hana Morel

Research Associate/ Comms

Hana Morel is a Research Associate who also focuses on its Comms.  Her background is in urban archaeology, with a strong interest in the impact of international/national policies on archaeology and heritage, and the role of higher education institutions within communities and wider society.  
She was awarded her PhD from the Institute of Archaeology in 2016.


Shakira Greaves

EA to Leadership Fellow

Shakira Greaves is the Executive Assistant to Rodney Harrison, the Leadership Fellow.  She manages engagement opportunities and the overall smooth running of the team and its projects.  Her background is in communications and events, and her interests are in culture, festivals, fast cars and beauty.

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