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Heritage Studies:

Critical Approaches and New Directions 

Thursday 5 October 2017

The AHRC Heritage Priority Area team, in association with the UK Chapter of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies, invite paper proposals for the forthcoming conference on Heritage Studies: Critical Approaches and New Directions to be held at the British Academy in London.

Conference  Heritage Studies: Critical Approaches and New Directions: Events


Conference  Heritage Studies: Critical Approaches and New Directions: Publications

Heritage Studies: Critical Approaches and New Directions

October 5, 2017


British Academy, London

The AHRC Heritage Priority Area team, in association with the UK Chapter of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies, look forward to hosting this one-day conference on Heritage Studies: Critical Approaches and New Directions, which will take place at the British Academy in London on Thursday 5 October 2017. 

The Conference lies between a public lecture taking place the evening before, and an evening panel discussion on the role of heritage research in policy and practice directly after the Conference, both of which we invite you to attend.  

We are thrilled to welcome our two keynote speakers for the Conference: 

  • Christopher Whitehead, Professor of Museuology, Newcastle University; and

  • Sian Jones, Professor and Chair of Environmental History and Heritage, University of Stirling

The Conference programme will also hold six sessions planned throughout the day, loosely themed around:

  • Politics and Policy 

  • Diversity 

  • Brexit and Heritage 

  • The Environment and Heritage Management

  • Digital Heritage and Museum/Visitor Experience

  • Conflict  

We have over 40 presentations which will showcase current research projects or explore emerging and future research directions in critical heritage studies.

We hope to encourage a wide range of discussions from a number of different disciplines and backgrounds.

Below is a list of confirmed speakers, their title and the session they will present in:

Conflict Session

Ataa Alsalloum

Cultural Heritage and post-war reconciliation in Syria: Damascus and Aleppo

Madelaine Jane Dowd

A new approach to reconstructing disaster zones with a respect for the cultural heritage, and what the designers’ role is within the reconstruction

Sarah Feinstein

Power in Place: The Social History of Maze Long Kesh Prison

Christina Malathouni

Heritage criteria for post-war mental healthcare facilities and the potential of architectural heritage in the fight against stigmatisation

Doreen Pastor

Difficult heritage, heritage, that hurts or dark tourism?

Elizabeth Crooke

‘The fearful Object’: The heritage of culpability and blame

John Giblin

 Counter-Mapping Authorized Developmental Accounts of Experience at an Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Northern Uganda

Chris Moffat

Archaeological Space and the Politics of Heritage in Contemporary Pakistan

Diversity Session

Susan Ashley

(Multi)Cultural Heritage: New Perspectives on Public Culture, Identity and Citizenship

Jenna Ashton

Feminist Arts Practice and Research: opportunities & a thorn in the side

Kyle Lee-Crossett

When diversity comes in: understanding and transforming futures in London archives and collections

Kahina Le-Louvier

Heritage enactment as an information practice: towards a cross-disciplinary framework for the social inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in the local community

Hayden Lorimer

Transitional Ruins – Putting In-Betweenness to Work at St. Peter’s-Kilmahew

Adriana Arista-Zerga

Cultural Heritage and Communities: empowering the enemy?
A case study of communitarian participation in the Qhapaq Ñan-Peru.

Cristina Clopot

Russian Old Believers’ heritage in transition

Sonya Darrow

Stezky/Pathways: Mapping the cultural landscape of Czech-American settlements through objects, sounds and folklore. (Art & Auto-ethnography)

Catrin Huber

Expanded Interiors: bringing contemporary site-specific fine-art practice to Roman houses at Herculaneum and Pompeii.

John Ugwuanyi

Ethnography and the Insider/Outsider Disparity - Rethinking Community Engagement in Heritage Studies

Brexit & Heritage Session

John Pendlebury & Loes Veldpaus

Introduction: Heritage and Brexit

Chiara Bonacchi & Marta Krzyzanska

Political Identities at the Time of Brexit: the roles of the past and post-expert practices

Joseph Flatman

Identity, Value and Protection: The Role of Statutory Heritage Regimes in Post-Brexit England

Natasa Urosevic

Valorising the common European heritage – from national to transnational perspective

Gregory Judges

“We want our country back”: the role of the Authorised Heritage Discourse in the EU Referendum 2016

Gonul Bozoglu

Attitudes to Brexit in Visitor Research into European Identities: a preliminary look

Kalliopi Fouseki, & George Alexopoulos

From Grexit to Brexit 

Lunch Film

Rebecca Magdin, Pollyanna Ruiz, David Webb, Tim Snelson 

 "You Can't Move History": Engaging Youth in Cultural Heritage.

Digital Heritage & Museum/Visitor Experience Session

Jen Ross & Michael Sean Gallagher

Critical perspectives on mobilities, mobile technology, and heritage futures

Alda Terracciano

Mapping Memory Routes - a Multisensory Approach to Art, Migration and Critical Heritage Studies  

Chiara Bonacchi & Marta Krzyzanska

Digital Heritage Research: designs, epistemologies and ethics in a world of big(?) data

Jenny Durrant

Museum disposals and the power of communication

Danielle Garcia

Museum volunteering on prescription?

Ian Whiteside

The use of stories to create visitor experience by the National Trust

Qian Gao

World Heritage, archaeological tourism and social value: a comparative study in China

Rebecca Farley & Niki Black

Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience: Creation, Consumption and Exchange

Politics & Policy Session

Herdis Holleland & Elisabeth Niklasson

The rise of European far-right and the new politicization of heritage

Sophie Vigneron

Cultural Heritage Law: a critical approach

Charlotte Woodhead

Translating heritage in English case law

Ian Baxter

‘Wicked problems’ and knowledge management in heritage.

Alison Hems

The politics of heritage: the limits of policy

Aylin Orbasli

The heritage – tourism paradox in urban regeneration and development

The Environment & Heritage Management Session

Philippa Carter

The landscape of the familiar: continuity and discontinuity through ‘re-naturing’

Peter Boyd

The inter-related natural and cultural heritage of Rosa spinosissima and Scots Roses.

David Francis

Food security and European heritage: the botanic garden as contact zone

Bryony Onciul

 Heritage in times of accelerated climate change: enduring connections

Sarah May

Gates and Gatekeeping: Heritage and Nuclear Waste

Ruchit Purohit & Theodore Zamenopoulos

Understanding factors that influence decision-making in managing change in historic places of worship in England

Harriet Deacon

Unpacking the relationship between heritage management and commercial strategy: the case of intellectual property protection and UNESCO heritage inscriptions for foodways in Europe

Registration is now open.

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Conference  Heritage Studies: Critical Approaches and New Directions: Clients
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